*Rolled Stuffed Pork Roast* on the rotisserie

1 boneless loin of pork, about 2 lbs

fresh or dried marjoram

6 ounces of prosciutto crudo

The hardest part of this delicious recipe is cutting the meat to roll it.  You want to cut the length of the roast as shown in the strange diagram here, and keep cutting following the curve of the roast, unfolding as you cut.  Your goal is to have a flat rectangle of meat of relatively uniform thickness.

If the marjoram is fresh, chop it up.  Spread the marjoram on the flattened meat and press it in.  Then layer the prosciutto on top, about two slices deep.

Roll up the roast as tightly as you can and tie it securely with string to hold it all together.

If you have a rotisserie, put it on and start it turning.  If you don’t have a rotisserie, you can cook this rolled roast in your oven for the time appropriate for the weight of your meat.  Don’t overcook!  A little pinkness to the meat is just fine.

2 thoughts on “*Rolled Stuffed Pork Roast* on the rotisserie”

  1. That sounds Fabulous – have made a note to try same next summer when we’re back out at the grill. Yum!! Was it as good as it sounds?

  2. ah… if only i had the proscutto. cazzo.

    so, i used sauteed mushrooms and pesto with pine nuts and a layer of roasted red peppers.

    lovely to look at, delightful to show.

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