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Halloween is just around the corner, and to celebrate, some of the folks at La Dolce Vita community in Apache Junction held a pet parade. They were nice enough to invite our Shelter to come, bring some adoptable dogs, and set up an information table, which we happily did.  We brought 5 dogs (one of whom had to go home early because he got too excited about being at a PARTY) and our usual supply of leashes, pins, info on how to adopt, and so forth. Here are our dogs:



Can you guess which one had to go home?


The dog yard at Dolce Vita is divided, so our five, then four, were able to romp and play on the grass without distracting the beauty pageant entrants. Except, of course, for the puppies, who were in someone’s arms the whole time we were there – because they are adorable! It is always a terrific treat for a shelter dog to get out, roll in the grass, chase balls, and engage in other doggy behavior. (Which is why our Shelter has a “Dogs’ Day Out” program, a topic for another post.)

The larger section of the dog play area was decorated with, mysteriously, a cardboard bull, surrounded by fake bull poop. A puzzle, but the dogs seemed to like it.


And now, in no particular order, are the entries in the Pet Parade:


Denver Bronco’s fan.



Yes!!! There was one cat!



This one is confusing because she is shy – she is wearing her hat on her face.

IMG_0044SI happen to know who won the competition (at least I think I do, and I have to say, I was surprised). Which dog would you give the 1st prize to?