I guess writing about Monsoons last time brought bad luck. On July 10 a particularly heavy Monsoon hit the Valley and did quite a bit of damage. You can see a video of some of the damage in our town here. I’m very sad to say that the pile of sticks that was a house under construction is the new house that Speedy and I are building. Here is a slide-show of valley-wide damage (with, inexplicably, a family’s swimming photos at the end).

For us, the good news is the mess has been cleaned up and the men are back at work – but it was a set-back. Here is a video I took just the day before of some of the trusses being installed  (apologies for the loud generator on the audio – you may want to turn down your volume) – all that work blew down later the same night. As they say in Italy, pazienza.

A week later, Monsoon waters washed away a family, killing 10 people. I wish the Raya family could have had our luck. Yes, we lost some building, but no one was hurt. I guess you could say we were fortunate.

Monsoons can be vicious and violent. They are not something to take lightly.