Clever Speedy dreamed of making pizza in his new tandoor oven, since the temperatures get so high. But how to do it? He found a square piece of slate on the property and cut it into a circle that just fit into the top of the oven. Then he fashioned an aluminium cradle for it that hangs over the top of the clay cooking chamber, but allows for the cover to fit on well.

pizza stone

He rolled out the dough; we dressed it with tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, grated hot pepper cheese, onions and wurstel; then popped it in the tandoor:

pizza dough

pizza ready for oven

While the pizza was cooking, we rolled out more dough to make a stracchino focaccia:

focaccia al formagio Tandoor

Pizza’s done!

pizza done

As the lid of the tandoor doesn’t reflect down a lot of heat we put the pizza under the regular oven’s broiler for a couple of moments to finish off the top. Then one of us dressed her side with ruccola and we sat down to eat while the focaccia cooked.

pizza ready to eat

No sense in wasting a good hot fire, so we shaped up some rolls for sandwich making. Out came the focaccia and in went the rolls:

focaccia almost done

little breads tandoor-001

And while those rolls are cooking, we might as well cook up a few sausages on vertical skewers under the stone (see above). For some, a meal is not complete without meat.

tandoor sausage

A side salad complemented the various courses. It was a delicious meal, fraught with jumping up and down to take one thing out and put the next thing in – great fun and very satisfying.