An unexpected guest arrived and spent a good half hour trying to drink Speedy’s beer:


He was coy at the beginning, but as his thirsty frustration mounted he became more athletic in his efforts to reach the brew.




No beer!  It was too far down in the glass.  He chose to go for a stroll instead of drowning his sorrows, which probably would have turned out to be a literal drowning.  Off he wobbled, past Spilled Water Lake of Regrets and on into the late afternoon sunshine.



But soft!  What lies ahead? Friend or foe?  Dinner?


Judging from his eyes, this is the fellow who took advantage of Speedy’s untended beer.


What was the outcome of this historic meeting? I’d like to be able to tell you there was an epic battle, life and death!, but alas, it was extremely dull. No one ate anyone else, and no ever really got into Speedy’s beer, except Speedy.

PS  If anyone can identify the green visitor I’d love to know what he is.  I’ve done a bit of searching, but with 20,000 grasshopper species world wide I soon lost heart and decided it would be more fun to pop a cold one.  You never know who will come to join you.