Strolling through town the other day (before it got so hot)  I was pleased to encounter this eccentric gent. He was happy to pose for me with his little bird. I wasn’t expecting the kissing event, but evidently it’s something they’re both accustomed to. I wonder if the bird thinks he has a very well-trained man?

bird man of rapallo-002

Sorry it’s out of focus, but it’s a nice shot of the tourist in the background. This is how they walk around together; every now and then the bird nibbles the man’s gold necklace.

bird man of Rapallo

After I asked if I could photograph him the man struck a pose. I particularly like the man’s costume with its northward nod to the Alps and its westward nod to France.

bird man of rapallo-001

Wasn’t expecting this, and I have to say it kind of grossed me out! The bird took little nips at the man’s tongue, which made me suspect that sometimes the man gives the bird treats in this unorthodox manner. When I asked what the bird’s name was the man replied, ‘pappagallo,’ which just means ‘parrot.’ I felt no wiser, but was somehow unable to continue the conversation.