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sitting duckA week or so some friends showed us the quite unpromising location of this sitting duck’s nest.: the corner of their house made by the outside staircase descending from the second floor.  Silly duck.  A dog and a cat both live upstairs.  We didn’t give this lady, far from a friendly pond, much chance of survival.

Whether because of good luck or watchfulness on the part of the second floor family, there was Good News today.  The eggs hatched.

mama and chicks

We had the good fortune to arrive in the midst of it all. This photo is hard to figure out, but it’s a wet duckling struggling out of the egg:

chick emerging from egg

There’s still the problem of pets upstairs, and the distance from water. When we left, our friends were discussing whether they should put the new family in a box and transfer them to the closest pond, buy a child’s wading pool and set it up next to the pan of bread they put out every day, or simply let nature take her course.