The cold winds blow, the rain lashes the pavements, umbrellas blow inside out and look like scary black tulips.  What to eat, what to eat?


Our neighbor very likely delivered this wood, which will soon be fueling a pizza oven. He works like a demon cutting and splitting wood, and then delivers it to pizzerie all over town. As you probably know the big domed ovens carry an outer ring of firewood which brings the temperature very high.  That’s why you can, here anyway, order a pizza and be eating it twelve minutes later.

Ligurian pizza has an almost paper-thin crust, so it’s an easy matter to eat a whole one oneself.  The only hard part is deciding what to have on top – so many choices, and each as yummy as the others. At this time of year a lot of them feature fresh mushrooms.  My last pizza was called ‘Inferno:’ fresh mozzarella, gorgonzola, tomato, and, supposedly, hot peppers.  I didn’t taste a shred of heat – but it was a fabulous pizza nonetheless.  Alas I was without a camera, so I can’t show you how beautiful it was.

Speedy and I are leaving shortly for the U.S. of A., so Expatriate will be even more dormant than usual for the next little while.  But I’m looking forward to posting again soon from the wild world of coyotes, gila monsters, hummingbirds, the Arizona Cardinals and golf nuts.