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What are the odds? I published the last post about Tag (Garage, Yard, Boot) Sales late on Friday night. On Saturday morning Speedy and I circumnavigated what we like to think of as our Village Square (a .5 mile rectangular street bordered by houses) and saw this sign:

The Neighborhood Garage Sale is a wonderful hybrid of the Usato and the Tag Sale where a group of families get together to sell a slightly greater variety and amount of stuff. We couldn’t resist, especially since it was only a half block away and the day was lovely.

It was certainly not the best such sale we’ve ever visited, but it wasn’t bad. For the princely sum of $9.00 we came away with a full-size comforter which, oddly, matches exactly the pattern of the comforters in our guest room (more synchronicity! or perhaps a really cheap sale some years ago?) and two matching pillow shams; a machine-made embroidered pillow case from Thailand, perfect for Speedy’s ‘meditation’ pillow (how do you spell ‘meditation’?   n-a-p); a lovely embroidered red silk scarf, also probably from Thailand, certainly Asian; a small machine-quilted wall hanging in colors I don’t love but don’t hate which, according to the panel on the back, was “Hand Made By Diana Mosely, May 5, 1997” (why didn’t you keep it, Diana??); two other jungle-print pillow shams that are going to look great on the couch we don’t have yet; and a box of Earl Grey tea tea bags (very good, I had some that very afternoon).

The coup de grace was the ‘solid brass’ hunting horn that Speedy couldn’t resist ($1.00). He played ALL the brass instruments in high school, and he was able to pick this up and toot on it right away. In fact, if there had been any hounds free in the neighborhood I’m sure they would have congregated for a hunt.

So, synchronicity… what are the odds? If I write about winning the state lottery, will I?

Photo courtesy of chestofbooks.com