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If it’s a slow day in Gold Canyon, Arizona, as frequently happens, you can just amble down the street to the local Dog Wash. You heard me, pardner, I said ‘dog wash.’

It is nothing if not entertaining to watch pooches in various degrees of dinginess, walk the plank and into the sink.

The dog wash provides everything you need, including shampoo, water, towels and even a blow dryer. At $5.00 a pop it is probably a lot cheaper than taking Bowser to the groomer. The sign suggests that Miss Kitty might like a bath as well, but anyone who has ever shared living quarters with a cat knows better.

It’s not nice to chuckle over some other critter’s misery, but it’s hard to keep a straight face when watching the normally bouncy Bowser put on a long-suffering and patient face. You can almost hear him thinking, can’t you? ‘Why are they doing this to me??? I thought they loved me!’ You can also see immediately that the expression ‘hangdog’ originated in the Dog Wash.

Never fear, handsome Bowser, when you are all fluffed and buffed your cheerful disposition will return. You will frolic around happily, play with your mistress, and then run out to the desert where you will find a nice big cow plop to roll in. Then you know what will happen? It’s back to the dog wash for you! And maybe this time mistress will wash the Honda, too.

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