It was a beautiful spring day, not too hot, not too cool, when four of us set out to have a walk and a picnic.  We left from La Crocetta, the apex of the pass over the mountain on which the Captain and I live, and walked to Montallegro, the pilgrim church about which I’ve written in the past.  We didn’t set out to have a wildflower walk, but that’s what we ended up having.

For some of the flowers we were too early:

and for some we were too late:

but for oh so many we were there at just the right moment.

Here’s something I learned from this expedition: I am hopeless at identifying wildflowers.  I have two books on the subject, both related to flowers in this area, and I still find it almost impossible.

How I wish this blog had ‘smellovision’ so you could smell the sweet acacia:

These, by the way, are a culinary treat when fried up in a batter.  Yum.

And I wish I could attach sound to this so you would hear the wind sighing through the trees.  It sounded exactly like a Fellini movie (I’m thinking Amarcord, I guess, which I recommend you see if you haven’t already).

Here is a web album of the gorgeous flowers we found along the path.  I identified the ones I was able to, but most of them remain a mystery.  If you’d care to help identify, please, feel free!  I’d be grateful.

If you’d like a quick video of the trail from La Crocetta to MontAllegro, you can ride along here  on a February outing with mountain biker ‘guru63byric.’

Web album of wildflower walk:

Wildflower Walk from La Crocetta to Montallegro