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The Captain is an alchemist!  He has turned his motorcycle into several other things, including a beautiful new camera for me.  The only problem is that it is far smarter than I am.  I read the book, take some pictures, and then forget everything I’ve learned.  But it’s lots of fun, very interesting and will, I hope, lead eventually to better photographs here.  I’ve had no complaints about the Canon point-and-shoot I’ve been using for several years; but the new camera does a great deal more.  Or it will once I learn how to ask it to!

Here are a few shots I took using a fast shutter speed.  Stay tuned for more excitement in the weeks ahead.

Golf Course Bunny prepares for Easter

Silly Season for the doves

Grass. Obviously.

Tattered Glory

Crossing Kings Ranch Road - quickly

Laura's pup

The Captain, bemused, reads