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I took up golf this winter.  I’m not proud of it, but I did it.  It seemed like a good way to spend time with the Captain who engages in this foolish and impossibly difficult sport five or six times a week.  I’ve always scoffed at all things golf, from the size of the ball to the costumes of the participants.  But it has turned out to be far more challenging than I ever imagined.  And irritating. And, sometimes, exhilarating.

We joined a club not too far from here, one of a mere 250 such in the greater Phoenix area.  It has two stand-out characteristics.  One is the view of Red Mountain that one gets from various angles at different parts of the course.

The Captain with Red Mountain in the distance

The other is the population of Peach-Faced Love Birds.

Peach-faced lovebirds at a course-side feeder

The birds are native to two places on earth: West Africa and East Mesa, Arizona.  They look like parakeets and make a constant twittery racket.  They have the adorable habit of sitting next to each other and leaning in, very lovey-dovey.  There are hundreds of them twittering and tweeting all through the golf course.  No, not THAT kind of twitter and tweet…

Part of our golf routine is the Snack that takes place on the tenth tee (for me and others) and the eleventh fairway (for the Captain).  This is always something home baked, and recently it has been these delicious oatmeal bars.  I found the recipe at   allrecipes.com, but have made some alterations.  Our stalwart 2:00 p.m. Canadian golf pal (he’s got the same kind of membership we have that allows for afternoon play) is quite fond of them, I think.  So Bob, this recipe’s for you.