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It’s been a busy few weeks here in Arizona, which accounts for the relative silence from your usually chatty scribe.  One of the reasons for our coming here is to have a chance to visit with family and friends who find it difficult to travel to Italy and we are lucky this year in having a chance to see so many who are near and dear to us.

One of my favorite activities, which I inflict on all able-bodied guests, is hiking around in the Superstition Mountains.  On these hikes I try to photograph every hiking dog we meet.  There is an album here, to which a few new mutt shots have recently been added.

Writing about cabbage the other week was extremely evocative of my paternal grandmother – so much so that I’ve written a very brief profile of her here.  Most likely it will be of interest only to other family members – unless you enjoy looking at early-mid 20th century portrait photos. But please feel free to make the acquaintance of this unusual woman.

Meanwhile, thanks for visiting, and we’ll get back to more ordinary posting one of these days.  I think.  I hope.