Between traveling to the States for a lengthy visit, flying to Tennessee for a familial visit and negotiating the madness that is Christmas here, it has been a busy time for the Captain and yours truly.  We took some time out to enjoy cooking special holiday treats, though, such as the cookies the Captain learned to make at his mother’s knee, and the Swedish Coffee Cake we’ve enjoyed on Christmas mornings for the past few years.  Be warned: you may want to make an appointment with your cardiologist before embarking on this recipe.

I found the recipe at about.com, where it is called Swedish Tea Log, by Linda Larsen.  We’ve made very few changes – why mess with success? – but have changed the shape to give it a more Christmasy appearance.  Every year I say to myself that the frosting is too thick and should be runnier and applied more sparingly.  I’ve adapted the recipe to accommodate that opinion.

There’s no reason not to make this yummy treat any time of the year.  Everyone loves it, which makes it well worth the little bit of extra effort (really time, more than effort) it takes to make.

Click here for the recipe, invite some friends over for tea and have fun!