So here’s what happened. I was sitting at the very same desk where I’ve sat for over eight years now (not all day, mind you), and I gazed out the window for inspiration (I was thinking about this blog…). When suddenly it hit me.

There’s a death head in our studio!  Someone’s been doing voodoo with our window trim! It really startled me, because I had simply never noticed it before. Pat, and Gil, you’re correct, it is the bit of hardware through which a meal rod moves to lock the window.  Bagnidilucca, you’re close with the door hinge, but not quite (there are some great old hinges in this country, though).  Kudos to Kate for seeing the skull.  Jennifer and Judy – a tin or bottle opener. hmmmmm. Now I’m going to have to gaze at the picture to try to see what you see!   Nope, all I can see is the skull, the terrible skull – ahhhhhhhhh!  Hilary – an Eskimo chastity belt? I think this gets the award for most imaginative interpretation of the photo. Or perhaps that should go to you, StatusV. It’s not every day I can contribute to someone’s identity crisis!

Here’s how innocuous this looks on the window as a whole.

But I have to tell you, every time I look at it now all I can see is a skull, and frankly it’s a little bit creepy.