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Some years ago the Captain found a restaurant (Indonesian? Malaysian?) not far from his London layover hotel, The Kensington Hilton (located in Hammersmith, not Kensington at all).  He has never forgotten the soup he enjoyed that night at dinner.  Recently he found a package of frozen crayfish tails and he thought, Aha! Now is the time to try to recreate that magical soup.

It was initially scheduled for a few weeks ago, but to his horror he found that the cans of tomato pieces he had bought contained oregano.  That flavor was definitely not part of his taste memory of this particular soup, so a quick menu change ensued.

Finally, though, the perfect opportunity presented itself, and on a recent Friday he produced the divine soup pictured above.  With a bit of piquancy, a bit of cream and a bit of heat it is easy to see why he never forgot this particular dish.

The crayfish tails tasted to me of lobster, so I think they could easily be substituted if crayfish tails are not available.  You can find the recipe here or over on the right under recipes.