I love driving around and looking at people’s Christmas decorations.  Being far too lazy to do much myself, I am in awe of the amount of work and the imagination that some people confer on their houses at this season. After having seen djmick’s photos of 112 over-the-top houses, Apache Junction seems pretty tame, but here is my tribute to local lights (which are difficult to photograph).  My very favorite decoration is the last one in the series below, executed by our neighbors from New Hampshire, but it is not effective at night.

If you live in the Phoenix area and you love lights, too, you might enjoy a trip to the Zoo for the annual Zoo Lights show… or take a virtual tour by clicking the link.

Expatriate wishes you all a Jolly Holiday Season and a Happy New Year..

Trees on the median strip in a development

Angels at the gate

Christmas tree with presents and deer

Creche scene in an entryway

Porpoises swim at the far left!

Star/cross with angels or shepards or kings

Ocotillo and Santa

This really is someone's enormous house!

I bet they did this veeerrrrry carefully...