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Our new friends G and G invited us to dinner the other night, along with a group of others from our palestra (gym).  What a meal we had!  Giorgio, it turns out, is a superb cook.  For antipasti (pictured above) he served grilled zucchini, onion focaccia, bagna cauda and melanzane alla parmigiana (front left in the photo).  I’ve never been a huge fan of what I think of as ‘eggplant parmesan,’ but Giorgio made his in the form of a light and delicate torta.  There was not an excess of heavily spiced sauce, or great long strings of melted mozzarella, both of which are great in the right places but better omitted here.  No, this was flavorful, but not at all heavy.  In fact, it was so good that it got the nod for The Best Thing We Ate This Week.  Giorgio has been kind enough to share the recipe, which you can find here, or over on the right under Good Recipes.