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No, jungle drums aren’t talking – it’s the tomatoes out in the garden and they’re yelling to be picked.  The ripening started a few weeks ago, one here, one there, then a few more; now we have the full chorus, fortissimo, and we can barely keep up.  The Captain has already started canning what we can’t eat.

In addition to his delicious canned sauce, he makes a couple of things with fresh tomatoes that are quick, easy and a joy to eat: insalata caprese:

insalata caprese

and pasta with a fabulous fresh tomato and herb sauce, about which I wrote a year ago:

pasta fresh tom sauce

The Caprese makes great use of fresh basil, which has also been growing like mad in pots on the terrace (much happier in pots than in the garden).  Which brings to mind another of the Captain’s quick and easy summer treats: the bruschetta that he learned to make from his Sicilian mother:


Recipes for the three dishes above can be found here, here and here and over on the right under ‘Good Recipes’.

Here’s one of my very favorite summer treatments for tomatoes:  go out to the garden with a paring knife and a salt shaker.  Find the plumpest, ripest tomato you can and pick it.  Cut it in half, salt liberally, and eat it right there in the garden.  This is best done on a hot day when the tomato has been gently heated by the sun.  Yum.  Summer tomatoes and basil.  What could be more delicious?