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Surf's up Paraggi-1

Some stormy weather brushed past Liguria a few days ago giving us what passes for big surf here.  This pair of hearty souls got out the surfing kayak and rode the big ones.

In fairness I have to say that  in fine weather there are bigger waves in the open sea. The photo above was taken in the protected bay at Paraggi where of course the waves are smaller.  Here’s a photo that a man named Elio from near Torino took of a surfer down at Levanto:

levanto surfer (Elio from near Torino)

And when there’s a storm, watch out!  Camogli, on the other side of the peninsula from Paraggi, gets hit hard from time to time, as you can see in this photo by G. Ron:

Camogli storm by G Ron

So, laugh at the little waves in Paraggi if you must (I do)… but respect what they become when they’re all grown up and angry!