e_shipwreck(photo courtesy of http://www.beady.com/roundtheworld/)

Well, okay, a lot of people did not send in their desert island foods… but the ones that did were imaginative and submitted delicious suggestions. In one case I had to extrapolate the component foods from prepared dishes. Here’s a breakdown:

3 people insisted upon coffee (Illy, please).

Fruit suggestions were prunes, oranges, raspberries and lemons.

2 people opted for chocolate.

Milk got a vote, but cream got two, one for regular and one for ice.

Requested veggies were tomatoes (I know, it’s a fruit, but it seems more vegetably than fruity) and asparagus.

goatFor starches people selected spaghetti, tortillas (2), spicy raman, potatoes and Asian sticky rice.

Meat did not include goat, which is odd when you consider the locale.  However pork, regular and as sausages, and roasting chickens received nods.

Three people requested cheese, all different: monterey jack, saga blue, and cheddar.

One fun-loving soul included popcorn on his list.

(photo courtesy of Kentucky College of Agriculture)

So what’s the conclusion?  No one included foods that would get him voted off the island.  And if we all end up on the same island at the same time we’ll eat really well and have a good time.  Especially since, I am told there is a gin spring and a river of merlot in the landscape…