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Every now and then the Captain and I play the Desert Island Food game, and I’d like to invite you to play…

You’ve played before, right?  Imagine that you have been marooned on a dessert island (now that’s being an expatriate).  You might be there for a day, a week, or… forever.  You are allowed to take only FOUR foods with you.  What are they?

No fair saying something like ‘vegetables’ – that’s too broad; narrow it down to which vegetable. Your choices can be raw ingredients or some prepared dish (tuna casserole?) (maybe not). You’ll have unlimited water and a fire for cooking. A beverage counts as ‘food.’ Since you’re on an island it’s not inconceivable that you will be able to catch something from time to time, either in the water or on the ground (I’m hoping for a fish or a clam now and then), but you can’t assume that certain foods will always be available. It’s important to consider your health, physical, mental and emotional – you’re likely to be on that island for a long time.

Submit your desert island foods via comments, and in a month I’ll tally them all up and tell you what the most preferred foods are.

Here are mine (for today, anyway) – I bet some of you will be a lot more imaginative and creative, but here goes:

Brie cheese
wheat thins