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Thanksgiving week – how much good food can a person eat in just a few days?  Too much!  We were guests this year of one of the world’s best cooks, Sherri of the Best Brownies in the World, and her piano-playing spouse Steve.  When Sherri straps on her apron you know you are in for some excellent eating, and this non-traditional Thanksgiving was no exception.

Stand-outs of the day’s eating (and yes, we ate from mid-day through the evening) were the Captain’s pate, a squash-pumpkin soup, crab cakes, grits with shrimp, pumpkin ice cream, chocolate mousse and my own small contribution, crimson pie. Over the next few weeks I’ll give you the recipes for some of Sherri’s treats, if I can coax them from her (as a natural cook she spends less time measuring, taking notes and writing down the recipe than she does simply cooking – so we’ll have to do some re-creation work).

For today I offer the recipe for Crimson Pie – not because it was really the best thing we ate (it wasn’t), but because I have the recipe right here and it is really good.  It is a blueberry cranberry pie and comes out a gorgeous crimson color – perfect for Christmas as well as Thanksgiving. (Recipe under ‘Recipes’ over on the right.)

We were given this treasure by Gerri Griswold of Connecticut fame, and we thank her every time we make it. She received it from her friend Alison Kurberry.img_7248