Actually it was last week, and, alas, there’s no photo of this delicious dish.  You will simply have to imagine a steaming bowl of slightly golden risotto, with a big dollop of meaty bolognese sauce nestled in the center, the whole topped with a light dusting of freshly grated parmigiano cheese.  Neither component is especially original, but the combination is something a bit more unusual. As I write the rain is beating against the windows and it is chilly outside.  Many parts of the US and of Italy are preparing for the cold dark months ahead; there’s no better winter comfort food than a perfectly cooked risotto. With the Bolognese sauce, a salad on the side and a good bottle of wine this dish will restore your good will and sense of well-being.

The Captain has always used Marcella Hazan’s recipe for bolognese, but a couple of times ago when he made it he discovered we had none of the called-for celery, so he simply made it without. We discovered we preferred it that way.  The celery announces itself with just a bit too much emphasis in a bolognese we think.

As for the risotto, try to find carnaroli rice; it is the best variety.  If you can not find it, use the best arborio you can find.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Arborio is the most ordinary-looking little farm town you can image.  I had always imagined a sweet little fancy village filled with restaurants.  No.  Here is Arborio:


As always, the recipes are over on the right (not above). Buon appetito!