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A couple of years ago the Captain and one of his buddies added a rotisserie to our bbq using inexpensive and readily available parts. He uses it almost weekly in the summer and the results are always stupendous.  If you don’t have room for a rotisserie, check out the Ron Popeil counter-top appliance, or one of its cousins from Ronco – Just Set It and Forget It!  Our friends H & J have one and have successfully cooked legs of lamb amongst many other things. A rotisserie chicken that you cook yourself is 1,000 times better than the salt- and water-filled birds from the supermarket.

This week’s Best Thing was the rolled stuffed loin of pork that the Captain cooked on the rotisserie. It is a simple dish, but the flavors of the prosciutto and the marjoram make the happiest of marriages with the pork. He cooked it for about an hour and a half, but of course cooking time is always dependent on the size of the roast, the temperature of the fire, and the distance of the meat from the fire. You will have to be the judge of when it is done.

And if a rotisserie is not available to you, this roast can be cooked very satisfactorily in a 375 oven.

The recipe is on the right, under ‘Recipes.’  Buon Appetito!