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Do I have a picture of it?  Of course not!  But I do have a lovely shot of the pot in which it was cooked:

The pot belongs to our friends Leo and Isa who spend some of their time in the little Piemontese village of Sostegno.  Evidently the pot is picking up some good vibrations, as Leo likes to listen to Rock and Roll while he cooks and cleans up.

The Captain, who cooked the Veal Spezzatini for Friday evening’s dinner, had harvested some fresh bay leaves and one very hot pepper for his recipe.  It looks rather Christmasy, no?

We joined Leo and other friends for a celebration of Ferragosto in Sostegno, as we do every year.  This year we had the Big Meal on Thursday evening.  It was an enormous fish, called in Italian a ‘lucio’ (pike) more than four pounds, that son Silvio had caught the day before.  In fact, it is one of the ugliest fish I’ve ever seen – how about you?  Ever seen one uglier?    But I must say, it was quite delicious once it was filleted and cooked on the grill. In this picture it is soaking in its pre-cooking bath of lemon juice and herbs.

But back to the matter at hand, the Spezzatino di Vitello

This is something the Captain frequently whips up, and it is always a little different.  The starred recipe, under recipes over on the right, is the way he made it on Saturday, and in spite of the remarkable fish, it wins the nod for the best thing we ate this week. (Sorry, Leo and Silvio – the fish was good, but…)

There were two other Very Good things we ate over the weekend, and they get honorable mention this week: Leo’s mother’s stuffed eggs and Leo’s Polenta Cuncia.  I wish I had a photo of the eggs because they are lovely, and quite different from what we think of when we think ‘deviled eggs.’ For starters, they are green (Get back, Dr. Seuss!).  I do have a photo of the polenta:

Basically polenta cuncia is polenta into which you have stirred massive amounts of cheese and a bit of butter.  It is heavenly, though it makes your arteries scream.  Usually it is served during the cold weather, because it is rich; we had it on Friday because it was pouring rain all day and was rather chilly – it’s a wonderful dish for the upcoming days of autumn and winter.

Recipes are over on the right under the heading Recipes.

Buon Appetito!