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Friends Bob and Celeste invited us to share a meal cooked by their dear friend and houseguest Julia; it was, she said, a Balkan dinner. I don’t know if it was Balkan or not, but it was was really delicious.

The menu: tzatziki; baba ghannouj ; hummus, without tahina; grilled zucchini; ground beef kebabs; tomatoes with basil; chick peas with lemon, oil and parsley. These were served with couscous, harissa and chopped red peppers on the side. Dessert was perfect, dark red slices

My plate of Balkan food!

My plate of Balkan food!

of cold watermelon, sweet and very juicy. Now how could we possibly single out one dish from so much that was yummy?

By default I’ll give you a recipe for tzatziki (over on the right), which hails from Greece. It is easy to make and perhaps less frequently seen than the ubiquitous baba ghannouj and hummus. It’s a wonderful, cooling summer dish, either as a ‘before’ with pita bread bits or crackers, or served as we had it last night as a condiment with the dinner itself. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!