This will be, I hope, a weekly posting.  We’ll ask everyone in the house, “What was the best thing we ate this week?” and whatever it is, we’ll post the recipe over on the right under Recipes. * Best Foods* will be marked with *asterisks*.  There are usually only two of us present; we don’t listen to Luciano the cat because he thinks everything is a Best Food.

A couple of things you should know:  The Captain is the Chef; I am the lowly sous-chef and bottle-washer, but also a major eater.  We will frequently differ on what the best food was; in cases of an impasse I will consult with Luciano and we will decide. If we have a guest we will politely defer to the guest’s opinion.

The Captain has opined that there is no such thing as a ‘best’ food.

We seldom eat out, but we’ll include restaurant meals or meals eaten at friends’ houses in our consideration. There may or may not be photos of The Winner, because we don’t photograph everything we eat.  Thank goodness.

And of course we always want to hear about your favorite food of the week.